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We Are Findom

DiscordFindom was originally created by Mistress Yuna. The community that she has built has been around for over 3 years. We are the first Financial Domination co-ed community server featuring both female findommes and male cashmasters. 


 Our community has a great and respected reputation among our financial submissive members. Our admin has been interviewed by established online blog THE LEXINGTON LINE in 2020 for the impact that our community has positively impacted the findom culture. We have a blended goon community that co-exist with our financial domination atmosphere, which creates the ultimate balance of new, fun and kinky experiences.


Financial Domination should be done in a fun and most importantly safe and professional community which is why we have the best vetting and verification process for our dominant members that join our server to provide a satisfactory experience to our financial submissives.


 We pride ourselves on our fantastic reviews from our paying members that invest in our findommes and cashmasters which motivate us to strive for better.  Become a member of the DiscordFindom community today.

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