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Wishtender Alternative

Secure Payment, Stripe Integration, Similar Interface

Thursday February 6th, 2024 -per Wishtender's Twitter Account, Stripe has terminated their business relationship with them due to non compliance  (

Payments via Wishtender Links and Wishtender Discord Bot will no longer be accepted within the Discord Findom Community until further notice due to the diversity of our paying members.

For the time being we will be using a wishlist with a secure payment platform that is in good relationship with Stripe and is compliant with their Term of Service to ensure that we don't have any issues with prospective members having financial restraints with payment issues if they were using wishtender as a platform prior that MAY result in region inaccessibility establishing a new relationship with a new payment processor.

Click the icon above to set up an account with the wishlist platform that our community will be using for both domestic and international gifting payments.

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