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So You're Banned?


To Be Banned

1.) Being argumentative and/or combative with admin staff in retaliation to being moderated/warned for breaking community server rules.

2.)Engaging in divisive behavior within the community to hinder finsub buyers from freely engaging with other findommes/cashmasters do to financial insecurity/jealousy to keep them to yourself when the finsub is labeled as a (Community Sub) on their profile.

3.) Targeted Harassment of Community Members.

4.)Gossip or Slandering of Community Members in hopes to defamed their character for malicious intent / validation.

5.)Doxxing/Exposing any members identities.

6.)Exposing/Sharing of Explicit Images publicly to engage in Revenge Porn.

7.) Scamming / Fraudulent Activity for Financial Gain of Community Server Buyers.

8.) As an ACTIVE Discord Findom dominant member (Findomme/Cashmaster), joining non affiliated/partnered communities (ie: Outside Findom Communities) as you are currently a member of our community which you acknowledge that you would not do at the time of being processed for our monthly membership would and will result in immediate removal/ban from the community.


9.) Complaints/Reports of harassing finsub/buyers for money/sessions.

10.) Engaging in inappropriate subjects of discussion repeatedly : ie: Politics, War/Genocide,  Religion, Narcotics, Glorifying Mental Illness, Self Harm, Blackmail/Extortion, Doxxing,  Mentioning or Referencing Minor Individuals is prohibited. 

11.) Unethical Practice of Findom : Examples: Encouraging individuals to "donate" plasma for funds, encouraging individuals to engage in criminal activity for funds, scamming individuals of promised virtual sessions and not following through after funds have already been paid towards it, Repeat "No Show" of complaints of scheduled sessions  with buyers with no prior communication or rescheduling of that said session(s).

12.) Any Findomme/Cashmaster that is currently in a Findom Community Discord outside of ours or that owns a Findom "Stable" based discord are removed immediately.

13.) Any Findomme/Cashmaster that joins under an alternate account that has been previously banned or currently in a Findom Community outside of our server that enters our server will and have been removed/banned.

14.) Dommewrecking by definition is sub poaching of any "Under Consideration" and "OWNED" labeled sub on profile.

15.) Attempts to escort or do physical meet ups. All interactions of the DiscordFindom Community are VIRTUAL ONLY. 

16.) Engaging openly  in blatant misandry and misogynistic behavior towards other community members.

17.) Misbehavior of OWNED sub. An owned sub is an extension and representation of their domme/master owner. If a owned sub has been repeatedly moderated for disruptive/unruly behavior, that sub and his/her owner will be removed from the community. 

18.) Dominant members that are already associated with a Findom Community on Discord outside of our own are pre-emptively banned from joining the Discord Findom server.

19.) Non Consensual engagement of racial play/raceplay outside of DM with consenting buyer/customer. Racism is not tolerated. Those that consent to raceplay type interactions/sessions are limited to communication of that subject matter in DMs in PAID SESSIONS ONLY and is not practiced or engaged openly to individuals who have not consented out of respect and personal boundaries.

20.) You are not ENTITLED to have a position here in the Discord Findom Community. We reserve the right to select members to introduce into our server that will be conducive to our growing community. Respectfully no bullying, slander or protest will change that. We are flatter for your interest in our community, however not everyone is a good fit for our community. Meaning equal opportunity does not equal the outcome. 

Ban Revocation

Disclosure: Ban Revocation are not guaranteed and are subjected to fees if considered for revocation based on the severity and time/date of the ban.

Caution: Repeated resubmissions of Ban Revocation Forms will be tossed out and IP address from the sender will be banned from accessing the website in future.

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